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July 26th Sermon on the Mount: The Love of Money

Note: For folks at today’s worship service, this letter is a slightly different version of today’s sermon.  Dear Sisters and Brothers,  You can live in our society for your whole life without making a clear spiritual statement.  You are not required to believe in God, Father, Son or Holy Spirit.  You are allowed to reject charity, which is an…

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July 23rd Sermon on the Mount: Piety

First, a note about Sunday worship from my wife, Meg: Please consider bringing chairs and sitting outside for worship.  Why?  Well, this past Sunday I took the bold step of leaving my car and sitting in a lawn chair for worship.  I did this because I thought it would be cooler than roasting in my vehicle.  There is plenty of shade in the…

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July 20th Sermon on the Mount: Adultery and Divorce

Warning: since Matthew 5:27-32 is adultery and divorce, you might not want to share this with people whom might be disturbed by violent imagery or issues relating to sexuality. Dear Brothers and Sisters, The next few verses in the Sermon on the Mount continue the pattern of “you have heard it said, but I tell you…”  Each of these…

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