A Prayer for Peace, Love, and Mutual Understanding – May 29, 2020

Dear Friends, Sisters and Brothers,

It is the right day to send out a prayer that we could all share.

In the same way the Spirit also comes to help us, weak as we are. For we do not know how we ought to pray; the Spirit himself pleads with God for us in groans that words cannot express.”  – Romans 8:26 

Dear God,

We turn to you for hope, love, strength, peace, justice, and reconciliation.

We pray for peace in this time of pandemic and turmoil.

We pray for peace in the world and peace in our hearts.

We pray for peace between brothers and sisters,

but not the peace of “things as usual” or the peace of “quiet suffering.”

We pray for your peace, that is born from compassion and the understanding

that all people are your children, loved and cherished.

Lord God, we pray for loving people,

who defend the powerless, tend the sick, and speak for those without voice.

We pray for parents who love their children, and for friends who love friends,

and the whole messy and confused world of the human family.

Please continue to support friendship and all positive, loving relationships and

help us to appreciate and cherish the people you have put in our lives.

Eternal One, we pray for all who are in need…

We pray for the elderly, the immune compromised, and all people who are especially vulnerable.

We pray for all women and children who are in heightened danger of domestic abuse.

We pray for all people who have been objectified, demeaned, and used as disposable objects.

We pray for all people who suffer the from the sin of racism…

the ones who are infected as well as their victims.

We pray for real and sustained healing for all people and the rise of mutual love and affection.

Dear God, we pray for all people in their professions and callings,

We pray for nurses and doctors who heal the sick, comfort the dying, and mend the broken.

We pray for first responders who risk so much to save others from danger.

We pray for all police officers who are “protect and serve” people of all races, genders, and creeds.

We pray for all reporters and media workers whose first goal is to share truth for the benefit of all.

We pray for all judges and legislatures whose first goal is “justice for all.”

We pray for all community leaders and activists who are dedicated to the welfare of all people.

We pray for all politicians and public servants who work for the common good.

We pray for all people… who are called to work for the benefit others and the care for the poor.

Light of the World,

We all fall short of perfection,

but we pray for your help to limit those people who do the most harm.

Help us to be unmoved by the voices of hatred, superiority, and false authority.

Help us to limit the damage done by violent and abusive people.

Help us to isolate those who wish to turn the world to the profit of a select few.

Help us to take a loving and graceful stand against all those whose hatred and fear make Hell here on Earth.

“Forgive us Lord, for we know not what we do.”

“Grant us wisdom and grant us courage for the facing of this hour.”

We pray for all these things to you, God, to your glory as the Creator, in your atonement in the Son, and in hope of the peace by your Holy Spirit.