Dear Sisters and Brothers,

For many of our friends and neighbors,  Easter is only about things like colored eggs, candy, and pictures of a bunny carrying a basket of eggs.

For many, Easter is a simple Spring Festival that gives us an excuse (usually) to gather the family around a big table.

For Christians, it is the most important holiday of the year.

I think Easter eggs are fun, and our kids got candy each year (when they were younger).

I don’t mind that eggs and bunnies are fertility symbols of Springtime new beginnings.

It would just be nice if we could communicate to our friends why the resurrection of Jesus Christ means so much to us.

We often talk of miracles as something that goes against reason,

but the greatest miracle of our faith… the central miracle of our faith…

is a miracle of love, but it does not go against reason.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ makes perfect sense

because God is eternal.

It makes sense because nothing in our world is eternal on its own.

Nations fall, flowers fade and wither, people die, and history is eventually forgotten.

But the resurrection of Jesus Christ makes sense,

because we tried to kill the eternal on a cross…

and the one thing that can’t stay dead is the eternal.

We celebrate this day, 

because we are mortal beings

who understand that all people are offered

God’s eternal love.

It is that love that makes mortal beings able to be sustained beyond this life.

That love is revealed when we tried to kill it on the cross.

That love is revealed with an empty tomb.

We celebrate this day because we are loved eternally,

not because we are good or very lovable,

but because eternal love never gives up.


Pastor Rick